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Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am until 6:00 pm except holidays. We follow a modified federal holiday schedule.

C&O Resources, Inc.

E-mail: admin@co-resources.net

Staff Directory:

Name:  Sandra L. Charles
Title:    CEO and Founder
E-mail: SLCharles1@aol.com

Name:  Ambassador Lincoln Bloomfield, Jr.
Title:    Principal Senior Advisor
E-mail: linc.bloomfield@co-resources.net

Name:  M. Roxanne Perugino
Title:    Senior Advisor for Congressional Affairs
E-mail: roxanne.perugino@co-resources.net

Name:  Dan Arbell
Title:    Senior Advisor
E-mail: dan.arbell@co-resources.net

Name:  Col. P.J. Dermer, (Ret.)
Title:    Senior Advisor, Strategy and Operations
E-mail: pj.dermer@co-resources.net

Name:  Ambassador Robin Raphel
Title:    Senior Advisor
E-mail: robin.raphel@co-resources.net

Name:  Paul Sutphin
Title:    Senior Advisor
E-mail: paul.sutphin@co-resources.net

Name:  L. David Herman
Title:    Assistant, Policy Operations
E-mail: david.herman@co-resources.net

Name:  Randall L. Allen
Title:    Business Manager, Corporate Secretary/Treasurer
E-Mail: admin@co-resources.net

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