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Mission Statement and Key Objectives

Our mission is to assist foreign governments and companies in the conduct of their business with United States Government (USG) agencies and entities; and to help US and foreign companies with international marketing opportunities.


Our clientele includes but is not limited to Middle Eastern government agencies, and US and foreign commercial companies with business interests in the Middle East and South Asia. For a list of current and former, domestic and international corporate clients click here.


We have a staff comprised of former senior USG officials with over 100 years of combined experience in political, military, energy, economic, and legislative affairs related to countries from the Near East and South Asia. They have extensive diplomatic experience in negotiations with senior foreign government officials, including Heads of State and Ministers of Defense and Foreign Affairs from those regions. In addition many have held key positions in the USG with an extensive history of dealing with complex, critical issues related to vital national security interests of the United States and other countries, especially in the Middle East and South Asia. We offer clients substantial experience in resolving complex policy problems.


For foreign governments, we provide political analysis and consultations to senior officials of foreign governments on USG policy and related developments that affect bilateral relations and programs. We also facilitate communications between governmental clients and USG departments and agencies. For corporations, we assist with opportunities in international trade providing advice on business strategies. We also provide access to potential partners and appropriate US and foreign government entities to facilitate business opportunities. Business references will be furnished upon request.



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